Technology is constantly evolving. As the business landscape moves further into digital spaces, the requirements for businesses to invest in mobile application development continues to rise. Mobile applications create engaging and interactive experiences that reflect your brand to current and potential customers. We have moved into a generation where mobile applications are no longer a trend, but a necessity for the majority of businesses.

In saying this, its essential that your application is tested thoroughly to ensure that its functionality, usability and performance provide the best experience for those downloading it. Across all categories, the average time it takes for a user to delete an application from last use is just over five days, with entertainment applications topping the list with only half a day worth of longevity.

One of the top reasons for users deleting their applications so quickly? The functionality is poor.

Axinqa can thoroughly test your mobile application to help increase user-satisfaction, resulting in higher reviews and longevity of use. Our team is specialised in providing high-quality testing services utilising a large range of methodologies to ensure that you receive the most efficient results.

If you are interested in our mobile application testing services, please get in touch with our team and we will find you the perfect flexible solution.

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What we do

Axinqa's software testers make sure that your mobile application has perfect functionality, usability, and compatibility across iOS, Android and any other device. We carefully select the most relevant devices, taking into consideration the software features, target audience, and industry specifics. Our services are thorough and comprehensive to ensure that your application is of high quality and meets the needs of users.

Combination of Services

Your application is unique and so is our approach to finding you a solution. We aren't constrained to rigid test cases and work collaboratively with you to solve any issues.

Continuous Testing

Still in the development phase? We're here to ensure that your application receives ongoing testing so that its ready for deployment as soon as you are.

Flexible Mobile Application Testing Solutions

Let us help you solve all of those pesky bugs in your mobile application.

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