How We Work

We are obsessed with providing the highest quality of software testing across the industry, and we are succeeding.

We work with individual software developers to global organisations. No matter the size, we are here to integrate into your team and provide ongoing support with unrivalled flexibility and adaptability. Our objective is to ensure that effective software testing solutions are available to anyone in the software industry, which is why we focus on flexible engagements and personable service.

The first step is getting in touch

Message us at any time to tell us about your software or embedded software and one of our friendly team members will get back to you with further information.

We can set up a consultation either in person or online in order to discuss your specific requirements and for us to provide you with some initial recommendations.

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Engagement and Process

After our initial consultation, you will be provided a scope of work and our formal Services Agreement.

Our scope of work will outline what testing methodologies are planned for your software (or the package you have opted for), the inclusions and exclusions, and is completely bespoke to your specific requirements.

Afterwards we will set up specified communication channels and work will begin.

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Communication and Reporting

We aim to establish long-term partnerships built on the most appropriate structure to serve your requirements. Our team are seasoned communicators when it comes to testing and focus on client satisfaction, which means that you will be receiving ongoing productive feedback and suggestions.

At the end of our engagement, you will receive a formal Test Report. This report will outline any issues found within your software in a straightforward, efficient structure with only the necessary information.

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