While mobile applications are on the rise, we consider desktop applications one of the most crucial components for a successful business. Desktop application testing is typically more complex than mobile application testing due to the larger number of hardware and software configurations that the application must support. We have made it a personal mission to ensure our team has the necessary skillset required for testing desktop applications, and that our expertise is the best in the industry.

Desktop application testing is important for several reasons. Testing helps identify and fix bugs and issues either before an application is launched or during maintenance, reducing the risk user dissatisfaction, restricted efficiency and clogged performance channels. It ensures that the application is user-friendly and easy to use, which can lead to higher user engagement, satisfaction and repeat business.

We test on real devices in our device lab so that we can help ensure that the application performs well on different operating systems, hardware configurations and network conditions. Our testers are here to help you solidify the reliability, efficiency and security of your desktop application.

We pride ourselves in being able to test any desktop application across different operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux including installation/removal testing and documentation review.

If you require our desktop application testing services, please get in touch with our team and we will find you the perfect flexible solution.

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We are the solution

Axinqa has a wide range of experience in delivering desktop application testing using internal tools and flexible methodologies. Our key to success in desktop application testing begins with truly understanding your product and then strategising our approach so that the testing environment is completely molded to your requirements.

Flexible Engagements

Do you need ongoing support for your desktop application? We can allocate our team to provide continuous testing and ongoing communication with your development team.

Compatibility Checks

Our team runs desktop application testing on Windows, Mac, and Linux to ensure flawless performance on any intended operating system.

Our Testing Services for Desktop Applications

Our services can help you improve the overall functionality, usability and performance of your desktop application.

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